The main promise of Ethereum is that it’s a Turing-complete “programmable blockchain” that allows developers to build all sorts of distributed apps and technologies that wouldn’t easily work on top of Bitcoin (as it stands today).

The ETH platform has enabled many companies to raise tens (or even hundreds) of millions of dollars in funding for their own ETH-based projects. This has further increased ETH’s value, reaching around half of Bitcoin’s market cap this year.

ETH has recently faced some scaling issues as the number of companies launching an “Initial Coin Offering” (ICO) has boomed. The network has been bogged down for many hours or even days at a time due to a handful of popular projects launching their own ICO to raise funds.

The developers behind the platform has promised both medium-term and long-term changes to solve this, including switching to a “Proof of Stake” (PoS) transaction verification system that’s supposed to be much more efficient than the Proof of Work (PoW) system that most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, use.

More infomation:

Name: Ethereum
Symbol: ETH
Max Supply:
Circulating Supply: 103,609,990
Total Supply: 103,610,262
Cryptographic Algorithm: Ethash
Issue date : 2014-07-24
Source Code:
Issue Price: $0.308000
White Paper: EN
Consensus Protocol: POW
Explorer 1:
Explorer 2:
Explorer 3:
Explorer 4:
Type: COIN

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