Bytecoin (BCN) is another privacy-focused cryptocurrency that uses the same Cryptonote ring signature-based technology to make the transactions anonymous.

According to the developers, no one can identify who sent the money, who the receiver was, and what amount of money was transferred.

The processing of the transactions is done by the whole network of users but no participant has access to the details of any given transaction. As all the users are effectively “miners” too, they are rewarded with coins based on how many computational resources they commit to the network. This architecture also makes Bytecoin one of the few cryptocurrencies that require no fees for transactions.
Bytecoin uses the “CryptoNight” Proof of Work system so that only CPUs can be used for mining instead of powerful GPUs or ASICs.


More infomation:

Name: Bytecoin
Symbol: BCN
Max Supply: 184,470,000,000
Circulating Supply: 184,066,828,814
Total Supply: 184,066,828,814
Cryptographic Algorithm: CryptoNight
Issue Price : 2012-07-04
Source Code:
Issue Price: –
White Paper:
Consensus Protocol: POW
Explorer 1:
Explorer 2:
Explorer 3:
Type: COIN

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