Dash is a more private version of Bitcoin that offers faster transactions (InstantSend technology), as well as anonymous transactions (PrivateSend technology). It also has decentralized governance, which makes it the first decentralized autonomous organization.

Dash uses a two-tier architecture for its network. The first tier consists of miners who secure the network and write transactions to the blockchain, and the second tier is made of “masternodes.” Masternodes relay Dash transactions and enable the InstantSend and PrivateSend types of transactions.

Anyone can set up a masternode as long as you lock at least 1,000 DASH coins on their server. Masternodes earn money for those who operate them, which encourages people to run these masternodes and enable DASH’s advanced features.

More infomation:

Max Supply: 18,900,000
Circulating Supply: 8,489,619
Total Supply: 8,489,619
Cryptographic Algorithm: X11
Issue Date : 2014-01-18
Source Code: https://github.com/dashpay
Issue Price:
White Paper: EN
Consensus Protocol: POW+ Mast
Website: https://www.dash.org/
Explorer 1: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dash/
Explorer 2: https://insight.dash.org/insight/
Explorer 3: https://explorer.dash.org/chain/Dash
Type: COIN

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