Stellar Lumens is a cryptocurrency similar to Ripple and aims to become the de facto cryptocurrency system used by banks and other financial institutions. The “lumens” are the currency units that exist on the Stellar network.

The developers behind the Stellar network believe that lumens could eventually be used as a “bridge” between different cryptocurrencies. However, to exchange between cryptocurrencies, you’d ha

ve to trust a third-party “anchor,”similar to how you trust a cryptocurrency exchange to convert your money from one currency to another. The main difference seems to be that these anchors will live on the Stellar network.

Recently, IBM announced a partnership with Stellar to enable banks to complete instant cross-border transactions with each other, which seems to have propelled Stellar Lumens back into the top 25 cryptocurrencies. IBM will use its own custom blockchain solution for much of the transaction clearing, but the transaction settlement will be done on the Stellar network.

More infomation:

Name: Stellar Lumens
Symbol: XLM
Max Supply: –
Circulating Supply: 19,164,799,106
Total Supply: 19,164,799,106
Cryptographic Algorithm: –
Issue Date : 2014-08-01
Source Code:
Issue Price: –
White Paper: EN
Consensus Protocol: Stellar Consensus Protocol
Explorer 1:
Explorer 2:
Explorer 3:

Type: COIN

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