Instruction to create an account on and receive news from Bot

To receive news from Bot TradingTool, we need to take the following steps:

Step 1: Create User account on TradingTool

Step 2: Install Telegram and create Telegram account (for receiving news from BOT to Telegram)

Step 3: Connect TradingTool and Telegram

Here are detailed instructions on each step

Step 1: Create User account on TradingTool

  1. Access => Register2.Fill in the information for logging in and select the pair of sections you want to receive news. Simultaneously, select trading pairs you want to trade from Bittrex or Binance => Click submit to complete the registry
    3.Check registered email and click on the link from TradingTool to complete the account creation process

Step 2: Install Telegram and Create Telegram account

  1. Install Telegram

+ On the computer, we access to download Telegram for your Window.

+ On the mobile, we choose CHPlay (android) or Appstore (IOS), find Telegram and download it.

  1. Create Telegram account

You add your phone number in the account information section, then Telegram will send you a code to create and log into the application next time.

Step 3: Connect TradingTool and Telegram

+ Access => My Account => Account Detail at the bottom of Home page => Copy Telegram Token

+ Log in Telegram.  At the search bar of Telegram, you type @traders_tool_bot, then click on Start => Paste the code of Telegram Token that you copy from TradingTool => success

By taking those steps, the process of creating account and receiving news from Bot is done. You just need to renew your account to receive news from Bot TradingTool.

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